Communications Training

Mannington Mills Associates


For more than a decade, Mannington Mills Associates has called upon Ann Green Communications to prepare its team to properly respond should an incident occur at one of the company’s sites.

Hundreds of representatives from the New Jersey-based flooring manufacturer have taken part in the Crisis Communication Training and Table Top Crisis Drill sessions. The trainees have come together from across the United States to learn how to address the media in the event of an emergency.


The intensive, hands-on training has prepared everyone from shift supervisors and environmental specialists to plant managers and corporate officers to face the camera and microphone with poise and confidence. The training has readied the participants to effectively deliver the company’s messages and answer tough questions from reporters while managing a crisis.

Ann Green Communications also has worked closely with Mannington to develop specialized communications programs to meet the needs of the company’s team members who deliver presentations at trade shows. The training has helped individuals refine both their personal communication and presentation skills.

Through the long-standing relationship with Ann Green Communications, Mannington has established a cohesive approach to preparing the company’s key communicators for a wide variety of situations.