Vonda Matthews

Vonda Matthews

Senior Account Coordinator

About Vonda

Vonda Matthews is a senior account coordinator at Ann Green Communications, where she brings more than 25 years of combined experience in education, business and print media to her role.

Vonda uses her previous experience in print media to support AGC’s client services. She brings an expert attention to detail in her support of AGC’s Community Advisory Panel (CAP) work, where she ensures a smooth communication flow between consultants, clients and community members. She focuses much of her work on developing publications, including newsletters and brochures, for a variety of clients.

Vonda earned a bachelor’s degree in education from West Virginia State University.

Side Notes:

What drew you to the type of work you do?
I love working with people. I enjoy getting to know the CAP members and building a good rapport with local vendors, whom I come to depend on. The positive relationships that I and the other support staff establish with folks in the communities helps AGC provide a better quality product for the companies we work with and the communities we serve.