Terri Nida

Terri Nida

Chief Financial Officer

About Terri

Terri L. Nida is the chief financial officer and works to maintain company finances, including company and client invoices, budgets, accounts receivable and payable, and payroll. She also oversees computer maintenance in the office, along with supervising all office equipment operations and performance.

Terri has been with Ann Green Communications since the company was started in July 1991 and was instrumental in establishing the new company. Prior to helping launch Ann Green Communications, Terri worked in customer relations and administration in various businesses in Charleston, WV, resulting in more than 30 years of experience in administrative and finance management.

Side Notes:

What do you believe has not changed in the almost 25 years?
It doesn’t seem that long ago when Ann and I arrived for our first day of work at Ann Green Communications.  Since that day, many things have changed with the company’s growth.  However, one thing remains consistent, and that is the quality of service we provide our clients.  This is paramount to our business.