Nancy Doak

Nancy Doak

Senior Account Coordinator

About Nancy

Nancy Doak is a senior account coordinator at Ann Green Communications, where she brings more than 40 years of combined experience in small business, industry and state government to her role. Nancy has been with the agency for 13 years.

She worked in the Safety, Health and Environmental Department of Monsanto/Flexis in Nitro, WV, where she managed safety statistics and coordinated HSE meetings.

Nancy provides invaluable support to the AGC team in the field and ensures a smooth flow of communication between consultants, clients and Community Advisory Panel (CAP) members.

The AGC team relies on her expertise in database management and desktop publishing to support their client initiatives. She also plays an integral role in the coordination of materials for AGC’s media and executive training programs.

Side Notes:

What keeps you motivated?
Being part of this team! We have a very talented workforce and never forget that we are a team. My role is to make sure facilitators are prepared and to provide our clients with the information and materials they need to make CAP meetings successful and training sessions effective.