Mary Green

Mary Green

Senior Consultant

About Mary

Mary Green has been with the firm for more than 25 years. Before joining the team, she spent five years in employee and community relations for the chemical industry and time as a newspaper reporter.

As a senior consultant Mary leads communication efforts for remediation projects, develops communication strategies for new facilities and facilitates Community Advisory Panels (CAPs). She has spent countless hours assisting clients as they worked to manage crisis situations and has prepared clients to communicate to diverse audiences in various situations.

During her tenure with Ann Green Communications, she has spent time developing communication programs. Mary’s work has helped clients earn support for treatment options to address contamination, to gain permits for new facilities, and to develop productive relationships with stakeholders—including activists, local opinion leaders and elected officials.

Side Notes:

What are you most proud of at Ann Green Communications?
I am most proud of our reputation, which has been built by an incredible team at Ann Green Communications. I was fortunate to join the organization in 1993 and have seen our services expand across the United States. This can only happen when your reputation precedes you, and ours does. We deliver results and are sincerely passionate about our work.