Gail Miller

Gail Miller

Senior Account Coordinator

About Gail

Gail Miller is an account coordinator at Ann Green Communications, where she supports clients with meticulous attention to detail and working with Community Advisory Panel (CAP) members to ensure effective communications regarding meetings and client initiatives.

Gail brings more than 35 years of combined experience in business, industry and state government to her role at AGC. Her extensive background in administrative and office managerial experience makes her an asset to clients, community members and the AGC team.

Side Notes:

Does your job provide challenges?
My job is challenging at times, but on the flip side it is rewarding when everything falls into place. Every day is different…from finding and securing meeting venues and caterers, to contacting members and company representatives, to preparing the required meeting material. I enjoy being part of a team that ensures AGC has fulfilled their role in joining together community members and industry representatives to achieve a common goal.