Turning Problems
Into Progress

"Building relationships, and building good neighbors, is key to building great companies."

– Ann Green

Turning Problems
Into Progress

"For 25 years we have been committed to turning problems into progress."

– Marysue Knowles

Turning Problems
Into Progress

"We want our clients
to make the most of every communication opportunity so they
can thrive."

– Mary Green

Turning Problems
Into Progress

Building Better Communication Strategies for Industry

Ann Green Communications enables clients to build open and honest relationships with stakeholders through effective communication strategies.

We turn their problems into progress.

As you learn more about our services, we hope you recognize our passion for our work. We want our clients to make the most of every communication opportunity so they can thrive in a trusting and sustaining environment.

Crisis Planning and Counseling
Site Remediation Communications
Public Relations and Issues Advertising

What our clients say about us

Ann Green Communications has been a fantastic partner to Mannington Mills.  We have used them to create, train, and audit our emergency management program.  We have used Senior Consultant Marysue Knowles to train our managers in communications for presentations, customer interaction, employee interaction, and even one-on-one coaching.  Their approach as our overall communications consultant has helped make our image to our customers, stakeholders, and general public world class.  We treat this firm as one of our key consultant partners.

Mike HoppSenior Vice President Human Resources, Mannington Mills

We have worked with Ann Green Communications for close to two years.  We enlisted Ann Green Communications to help us form our local Community Advisory Panel (CAP) prior to the commissioning of our large low-sulfur fuels expansion project.  Part of the ongoing positive community acceptance of our project is largely due to the great community relations, open communications that we have with the advisory panel.  Marysue is the facilitator of our CAP, she is a pleasure to work with, she and her team are top notch.

Dana LeachVice President, Refining Operations, Calumet Specialty Products Partners

The US WindForce Community Advisory Panel was instrumental in helping our company build its relationship with the Mineral County, WV, community and its leadership.  Through the process, we were able to identify potential issues and to address them in a timely manner.

David K. FriendCEO of Laurel Renewable Partners, LLC

Ann Green Communications provided a comfortable forum where representatives of the local community and the company representatives could talk about critical issues and work together to find solutions that are both beneficial and practical.

Rick UseryVice President, Surface Operations and Sales, Mepco LLC